You’ve worked hard and you think you’ve built up enough equity to enjoy a comfortable retirement. You’re a homeowner and you have Social Security payments to draw on, as well as an IRA or a 401K, so you’re feeling pretty comfortable about your finances. But what if something unforeseen should happen – an illness or accident, for example - and you needed additional cash? The equity tied up in your home, likely your biggest asset, will be frozen and inaccessible just when you need it most.

I can show you how a reverse mortgage - set up before you need it- can allow you to tap into the equity in your home… and still retain ownership. By setting up a reverse mortgage in advance,  you’ll have an extra bucket of cash to draw on in case of emergency… or just to make retirement a little more comfortable. A properly structured reverse mortgage can give you the peace of mind of knowing that the equity in your home is actively working for you…it’s not just sitting dormant until it’s time to sell.